What is the spiritual significance of the dark?

As the nights grow longer and the dark whispers its secrets to our hearts...

Jeannie held this online call at the moment of Winter Solstice 2019 and used the opportunity to talk about the spiritual significance of the dark. Jeannie guides participants to soften and sink into the dark depths of being. She talks about the spiritual significance of the dark, relating a transpersonal dream about the possibility of living on earth looking out from the utter receptivity of the dark. Jeannie talks about the nourishing quality of the dark and our cultural fear of it.


Exchange 1 - Participant finds only bleakness in the dark. Jeannie talks about from the eyes of me, there's nothing there. From the eyes of emptiness, it's just things as they are.

Exchange 2 - Participant has a lifelong fascination with death, including a present constant worrying about the death of her children and herself, and obsessiveness around health/food. Jeannie directs her to meeting fear in its simplicity, and the essential war we have with life on earth, and to sink into the beauty of dying into depth, to metaphorically lay down and die. She also talks about the difficulty of handing our children to life, as long as we have a grudge with life ourselves.

Exchange 3 - Participant shares about identity and her former path of the mythopoetic. Jeannie talks about identity and allowing the Holy to paint through oneself.

Exchange 4 - Participant wants to know how to live in this world and as pure being -- how to not keep recreating identities. Due to a head injury, she's opened to new aspects of being and noticing the grasping that's rising. Jeannie helps her meet the essential grasping energy.

Exchange 5 - Participant wants to die and be everything and nothing already! Jeannie zeroes in on what is unbearable that makes him want something different than what is, acknowledges humanness of the place where the do-er wants a project. Talks about the nature of impatience and raw life energy looking for something to do, and how as the structures fall, the need to learn how to tolerate one's raw life energy that no longer is fueling the strategies.

Exchange 6 - Participant writes that she appreciates the information about the dark, and isn't sure what to do with frustration and judgment around her illness. Jeannie makes some suggestions for what to do to meet that energy.

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