Softness, clarity & power

What does it take to set loving, clear boundaries with men?

The ground of being gives us a reliable foundation for sensing, knowing, standing and speaking on behalf of ourselves with men. Jeannie explores this rich territory between women and men with clarity, experience and mercy.

Video and audio recordings of three 2-hour classes with meditation, guided meditation, a talk and exchange with participants. 

Class 1 - Jeannie guides participants to drop into resting in being. She talks about the ground of being as the primary support and resource for the body and the foundation of taking a stand or setting a boundary -- the foundation of solidly being here. She briefly mentions resourcing in case of trauma. Being intimately aware of the body and owning/valuing it as a sacred sanctuary allows us to get the information from the body about what we need, which is a prerequisite for proactively setting good boundaries. She talks about how we come to age in a culture that is at war with yin, and that it takes a courageous heart to open to healing and embodying clarity and sturdiness in relation to men in this area. Not only is it important to reclaim one's body as sanctuary, but also vital to reclaim confidence in one's knowing based on signals from the body (healing the "you're crazy" and "you're selfish" conditioning). The ability to set boundaries also requires us to reclaim our voice, once we have a confident sense of knowing and planted deservedness. To reclaim the capacity to set clear and loving boundaries, we need to clean out the cobwebs in each of these areas.

Class 2 - Jeannie invites participants to check in with and drop down into the feel of their existence. She emphasizes again the necessity to develop confidence in our embodied, grounded knowing in order to communicate what's needed in a moment. Women have had our radar scrambled, have experienced hurts around trusting our knowing or fully inhabiting our bodies, as well as around communicating our knowings and sensibilities. Though it sounds simple to ground, know, and speak, conditioning messes with our capacity to do that easily. Jeannie talks about emotionality and the importance of containment in boundary-setting and communication with men. She gives detailed suggestions for how to give feedback to men in the most effective way possible.

Class 3 -  Jeannie invites participants to drop attention into felt experience in the moment and notice the strength of the body and soften toward it in blessing. She guides participants to sink deeply into the support of ground, and offers a guided meditation to use when feeling encroached on. She talks about all the areas that go into an integrated, planted, clear and loving human being, including surrender to being; the ability to ground, soften, trust, trust knowing; clarity, awareness of what's belief and what's experience/knowledge, a free voice, confidence in the body -- attention in felt experience let's us see what needs attention, healing, developing, reclaiming.

You will have 60 days from the date of purchase to view the video recordings and download the audio recordings from this course.