Am I going through a dark night?

When meaning drops away...


Jeannie invites participants to rest and turn inward. She talks about her own dark night of the soul, shares wisdom gleaned from the experience, and talks about other forms of darkness such as trauma, depression and general spiritual deconstruction.


Exchange 1: Participant is looking for guidance as a midwife in communicating the death of a child to parents.

Exchange 2: Participant is looking for information about the dark night and whether one can help to bring it to an end. Some discussion of the dark night and trauma takes place.

Exchange 3: Participant simply wants to come and sit with Jeannie in the dark. Jeannie talks about the challenge of not knowing, and the vital need to focus on the moment, and to separate the problem-solving from the fear.

Exchange 4: Participant feels empty and lost. Jeannie talks about what the source of her feelings might be and some ways to address and dance with them.

Exchange 5: Participant feels no sense of herself that she has known, alone, impotent, worthless as she's being taken apart. Jeannie talks about turning toward the Holy and caring for the creature of the body. 

Sponsored by Open Circle.