What makes your heart leap out of your chest?

Give your life to That.

Through meditation, guided meditation, a talk and exchange with participants, Jeannie invites participants to explore the feel of their human hearts and talks about it as an instrument that is at its best soft, open, and affectable. Devotion is letting what you love, what touches you, be your compass as you serve what you are naturally devoted to. Devotion causes the heart to turn toward the Holy and say: Use me. 

Exchange 1: Participant wants to know how to remain resting as Love while letting sensations arise, and whether to back off or not if the sensations seem to eclipse the Love that they are. Jeannie explores the allowing of sensation as well as the backing off, especially in the case of trauma.

Exchange 2: Participant explores with Jeannie the experience of their heart bursting and feeling a lot rising in their body and heart.  

Exchange 3: Participant is noticing their half-heartedness and chronic subtle sense that spiritual practice is a grim slog.

Jeannie suggests explores spiritual practice and move toward what you love and what touches the heart, what brings you alive.  We can sometimes, in the name of God, harsh ourselves.

Exchange 4: Participant feels moments of love and devotion that oscillate with moments of fear around money. Jeannie talks about living with two radio station -- it can eel like we're in two worlds while the old world is breaking down and the new world is birthing. 

Exchange 5: Jeannie talks about personal will and Holy will and how on the spiritual path sometimes we can use spiritual truths to remain undeveloped and call it Holy will…

Exchange 6: Participant feels the beauty of being devoted to deconstruction and explores the themes of following the Holy and making difficult decisions.