Wholesome & sane!

The ins and outs of embodied relating

Join Jeannie for this exciting new course that explores eight vital aspects of embodied relating needed for sanity and wholesomeness in our relationships. All are welcome.

  • Sovereignty - the ability to value and rest in your own sovereign being
  • Integrity - the importance of taking the high road and practicing self responsibility
  • Emotional Cleanliness - the ability to communicate cleanly without the distortion of our “stuff”
  • Needs & Resourcing - taking responsibility for needs and finding support outside of our relationships
  • Container - creating and maintaining a living structure for our relationships
  • Recognition of Humanness - the importance of forgiving our mutual fallibility
  • Knowing - validating and allowing everyone’s perceptions
  • Space - the vital role of space in a relationship


This course will include meditation, guided meditation, talks, Q&A with Jeannie and optional breakout room dyad exercises. Optional homework exercises will be offered should you want to take your exploration beyond the class into everyday life.

Couples as well as individuals are welcome. All levels of participation also -- in other words, attend live or watch the recordings, exchange with Jeannie or don't, participate in dyads or don't, do homework or don't. Lurking welcome!

Embodied Relating will consist of eight calls at the following times: 

  • Thursday, April 6, 6-8 pm mdt
  • Thursday, April 13, 6-8 pm mdt
  • Thursday, April 20, 6-8 pm mdt
  • Thursday, April 27, 6-8 pm mdt
  • Thursday, May 4, 6-8 pm mdt
  • Thursday, May 11, 6-8 pm mdt
  • Thursday, May 18, 6-8 pm mdt
  • Thursday, May 25, 6-8 pm mdt

Cost: $267.00
There are a few spots available at a reduced rate of $197.00. 
Please apply for the reduced rate here no later than March 30 to be considered.