Sink into the moment

Put yourself on your altar...

Through guided meditation, Jeannie guides participants to soften and sink into the moment. She talks about the reality of our being, the way it is common among us all, and the humanness of spiritual teachers. She talks about the constant nature of our essence and that we are looking out of it all day long, but we have been conditioned to look away from the treasure within and to focus without. Jeannie talks about the importance of one's unique spiritual path and putting one's own self on own's altar. Jeannie relates her own experience of waking in the context of everyday life and motherhood. 

Exchange 1: Participant going through deconstruction simply wants to not listen to the voices of shame that keep her hiding to be seen. Jeannie talks about the challenges of meeting shame and the nature of meeting the deepest embodied roots of separation.

Exchange 2: Participant acted outside of conditioning by being very visible and a scared, young place got triggered. Jeannie walks her through bringing the light of the luminous experience of loving and breath and ground to the scared place, allowing the body to open to and rest into the benevolent moment.

Exchange 3: Participant has slipped back into chronic fatigue and is feeling fear and difficulty welcoming her experience. Jeannie keeps her company in resting into things as they are.

Exchange 4: Participant has an online yoga group for teacher trainees and someone in the group is posting in a less than supportive way on the posts of others. Participant doesn't know what to do as this person is a group member and also a friend. Jeannie talks about the impersonal nature of spaceholding and the challenges of combining that role with friendship.

Exchange 5: Participant finds that she has reentered life after "losing the world" and she is insure whether to trust her impulses for solitude and being at home versus staying out in the world.

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