Forgiveness is a frequent topic in spiritual circles, so much so that it has been used tritely to imply that to forgive another is simply a matter of mind and will. Join Jeannie to explore this topic from the ground up as we point our boats toward ending the war with ourselves and others.

Jeannie invites a dropping down into the ground of being in the moment. She talks about how forgiveness has often had a less than full treatment as a spiritual topic--that it is not simply a matter of willing forgiveness into being, but a process of meeting what stands in the way of forgiveness. Jeannie talks about the vulnerability of being unable to forgive, and calls for mercy toward the human experience of being unable to force something like forgiveness into being, since it is beyond the reach of our mind and will and has roots in the creature of the body, and the unconscious, which are the domain of the organic. Jeannie walks us through the layers that often need to be met on the way to forgiving another. 


Exchange 1: Participant is having trouble forgiving herself, and her partner is having trouble forgiving her, for her treatment of their son. Jeannie holds space for mercy as well as supporting participant to allow her partner to be in her own time with forgiveness.

Exchange 2: Participant had insight into her lifelong trouble forgiving her mother. Jeannie and participant talk about seeing through the "oppressor" concept to the human behind it. They also exchange around participant's husband's connection with another woman.

Exchange 3: Participant asks how to sit with another making one bad without defending oneself. Jeannie helps her to feel into the vulnerability in the hurt and helps her stand in what's true about her.

Exchange 4: Participant comes on for a few minutes at the end just to sit with Jeannie.

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