Drop into the ground of your being

Step away from attention's interest in thought...

Jeannie guides participants to sink down out of interest in thought into a resting sense of being off-duty, resting in the simple vibrating moment of is-ness. She talks about resting inward being like sitting at the mouth of a dark, silent cave where the unmanifest and the manifest meet - vibration dancing in space. She addresses the most asked question in spiritual meetings: How do I stay here? How do I live from this?


Exchange 1 - Participant is watching things leave and is seeing that she has to let go of things that are falling away. Jeannie talks about how in deconstruction we are driven to relying only on the Holy, weaned of this world, and how it can feel frightening because of how deeply we've invested a sense of reality in the world, and how tenuous our sense of the Holy can be. Jeannie talks about the darkness of deconstruction and the variety of experiences that one can have in the dark night.

Exchange 2 - Participant feels that much of her suffering is due to internalized feelings of badness and unlovability. She's looking for some suggestions for how to work with this. Jeannie talks about the root of separation - the sense that something is worthy of banishing from being. She invites the participant to let that place ache and be deeply seen and met.

Exchange 3 -Participant feels rising vitality that feels like it wants to push through anxiety and she wants help to cultivate this, feels that she's never landed. Jeannie talks about our routine ungrounding conditioning in Western culture and supports participant to notice ground and weight and benevolence. Stresses that we know this with the mind, but every cell in the body needs to relearn to consciously soften open into ground. Jeannie asks, how do I take direct this consciousness toward this flesh and treat it at least as kindly as I treat a pet?

Exchange 4 - Participant is being forced by the nature of her work to look deeply at if her work, which
feels like being called to her death, is the work of the Holy and needed for her unfolding. Jeannie talks about the way the mind gets involved making stories out of things that can have us orient in certain ways to what is happening, including wedding us to something abusive or overwhelming. To discern whether it's an opportunity to rise to an occasion or to set a boundary can be challenging.

Exchange 5 - Participant is looking for support to settle into leaving the safety net of her job. Jeannie encourages her to sit with a sense of what she loves as well as to sit with the fear that rises in the freefall.

Exchange 6 - Participant discovered deep belief that she'd never get what she wants and wants to know how to open to the possibilities. Jeannie supports participant to conjure up and be with the bodily sense of "not gonna get what I want." Jeannie talks about how to meet something deeply, by "knowing it" and allowing it in the body in order to allow it's life so that it can die. Jeannie talks about how healing can sometimes be like a "war with the yucky thing" and encourages participant to deeply allow it in for tea.

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