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Stoke your holy fire and grow legs under your heart with regular Jeannie in your very own home! Holy Essentials is a committed online course that provides a profound container for transformation with a comprehensive curriculum and a committed community. This course is designed to support a rich exploration of nine foundational elements of an integrated system that fosters healing and the unfolding of grounded Being. Combining pre-recorded classes, monthly live Q&As with Jeannie, powerful home practices, partner exercises, an online support forum and more, 

"Really, I have no words to summarize how profoundly these last nine months have touched me; how deeply meaningful, life-transforming, and soul-nourishing they have been. Each month quenched my being in a unique and poignant way. Nine months of powerful teachings, held in a container of deep safety and tenderness, accompanied by the hearts of fellow courageous truth-seekers, with direct and immediate access to Jeannie - her love, deep care and wisdom - is not something you come by often in this world. The space Jeannie holds is rare, and her invitation, tenaciously real. Transformation. Faith. A ground on which to surrender. A place of deep repose for the melting heart. Home.

-- Sasha Cooke

"I have to say, the last committed program I took part in completely changed my life. Jeannie is a master of holding the intention of the group with integrity and love."

-- Mary Walker

Proposed program information is below. Details to be finalized.


Teachings, guidance, home practices, partnered exercises, and an intimate online community, all to support your awakening, healing and transformation. A flexible committed program with Jeannie without the expense of travel or retreat!

  • 9 monthly prerecorded classes with Jeannie viewed as a group (or later if you can't make it)
  • 9 live Q&As with Jeannie with optional breakout room dyads
  • Potent home practices and partner exercises
  • A private online Facebook group where you can authentically share how you’re doing with the practices and teachings. Because of our culture, which creates depth and safety, this sharing is more powerful than you might imagine! And through this we really DO create a community that’s focused on bringing Presence into our hearts, minds and bodies.
  • An extensive online library of audio, video and written materials to support your journey
  • 1 private session with Deviki, Jeannie's mentored facilitator
  • Two daylongs -- one at the start, one at the end of the course
  • Discounts on other events


The Holy Work comprises steps that seem deceptively simple, but within that simple structure lies a powerful crucible for transformation and surrender to the Holy. Building and deepening in this crucible is the focus of Holy Essentials, as we delve monthly into these rich themes:

  • The Holy: Holy context & staying inspired, the central nature of the sacred, dangerous prayer, courting Grace, turning toward and invoking the Holy, remembrance
  • Yin: surrender, softening, yielding, healing, Sophia/Shakti as feminine expression of the Holy
  • Yang: form, intention, action, commitment, container
  • Self: sovereignty, relationship with self, creature, the baby, spiritual maturity
  • Attempts to Master: leaving “now” - figuring it out, distraction, denial, blame, projection, demand
  • Being Mastered: turning toward the Holy, “letting go,” being with what is
  • Unwinding Reactivity: delusion/meeting emotional states, using reactivity as fuel for Holy Work, unwinding specific reactive patterns
  • Unknown: mental knowing vs. embodied gnosis, opening to unknown, illusion of security
  • Gratitude: noticing and opening to blessings/resources of moment, using resources of moment for support, noticing simplicity of moment

Course Components

Monthly Zoom class on theme

  • Once a month watch party of prerecorded 75-minute teaching video with Jeannie on listed theme
  • Watch with group at appointed time highly recommended but not mandatory
  • Video and audio recordings and transcripts made available afterward

Monthly Zoom Q&A with Jeannie

  • Once a month live 2-hour Q&A Zoom video with Jeannie on listed theme
  • Optional breakout room dyads
  • Attendance highly recommended but not mandatory
  • Video and audio recordings and transcripts made available afterward

Monthly Practices & Partner Exercises

  • Homework exercises (do solo or with partner) to more fully engage and integrate teachings

Private Facebook Community

  • Holy Essentials student-only
  • Moderated by Jeannie
  • Ability to stay in touch, share, and get support for process of unfolding
  • This is like having Jeannie on retainer for 9 months!

Resource Library

  • Generous amount of resource materials each month related to the monthly theme including videos, audios, poetry and written material

Kickoff and Finale Online Daylong Intensives with Jeannie

  • 2 sessions with lunch break
  • Student input (questions or topics you'd like addressed or considered)
  • Local gatherings to join the online intensive as a group are encouraged

Accountability & Exercise Partners

  • Optional accountability partners from the group. This is someone you meet with regularly (in person, by phone or Zoom) to trade listening time around the theme of commitment and follow-through.
  • Optional dyad partners for monthly homework. This is someone you meet with regularly (in person, by phone or Zoom) to do dyad exercises related to the monthly theme.
  • Accountability and dyad partner can be the same person.
  • You can have one or more regular partners and sample other partners as you wish and as they are willing.

Personalized Commitment

This course is a deeper dive into the teachings and requires commitment. 

Having a group of people “all in” makes for solid support, bonding and transformation. 

This means you will do your best to follow through on the required parts of the course and speak up if you’re having trouble or have questions. The course also has the flexibility for each person to craft their own unique commitment and to revise it as necessary. 

Registering for the course means that:

  • You commit to participate in and pay for all 9 months.
  • You commit to reading about and understanding the requirements of the course and asking questions as you need information.
  • You commit to view or listen to the monthly online class at the start of each month.
  • You commit to attend (or view soon after) the monthly live Q&As with Jeannie.
  • You commit to not mentioning or referring to the shares of other participants, whether those occur in Q&As, small groups or in the Facebook group.
  • You commit to formulate a commitment that fits you and to update it to stay current with what you are discovering about yourself and your engagement with the course.
  • You commit to share your commitment on the private Facebook group as you formulate or change it.
  • You commit to share monthly in the Facebook group for the duration of the course, even if it’s just “Hi.” 
  • Engagement with the library is up to your discretion, ambition and availability. There's a generous amount of material!
  • You commit to attend from start to finish each daylong.

Through honoring our shared commitments, you will discover things about yourself and learn to be with and bring mercy to the places in you that rise when you seek to fully engage. There will be plenty of support and mercy along the way to assist you with full engagement.

There will be support for people to really "work" this Course and that is primarily what the Course is for. However, some exceptions will be made for those who would like to engage the material in a less intense way--these exceptions will likely be for those who have been involved in the work for some time.

Prerequisite to Apply

Have completed a Holy Work Challenge (next one starts March 1, 2021). Apply by February 17 and register by February 22nd.


To be determined.


This is a by application course (check back - we will be accepting applications soon). 

Application deadline: TBA

Scholarship/work trade deadline: TBA

Frequently Asked Questions

Click below to view the document with Frequently Asked Questions:

Holy Essentials 2021 FAQ.pdf

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