Jeannie invites participants to sink, soften and rest into the earth. To give ourselves to silence and being. She then speaks of the Holy Fool, who is focused on something other than earthly, reasonable or sensible things. The fool has their eyes on fun, innocence, worship & silliness. Fools don’t hide but keep their hearts on their sleeves. She describes how we are conditioned to be “cool,” to be smart, clever, informed, efficient adults that are taken seriously. Conditioning says we have to have everything cleaned up. The Fool on the other hand reminds us of our humanity, limitations and the holiness of flesh. The Fool sacrifices their respectable position for entertainment & levity. They are willing to show what so many of us want to hide.  


Exchange 1: Participant talks about losing capacity due to health challenges and the fear of being awkward which turns into an exploration of freedom of expression.

Exchange 2: Participant talks about aggression in leadership when her co-leader limits her expression which turns into an exploration of her expanding leadership.

Exchange 3: Participant wants to explore anger and communicating from love when angry. Jeannie talks about digesting anger and feelings of helplessness that underlie anger, as well as digesting powerlessness while standing for what’s true.

Exchange 4: Jeannie helps participant explore the terrain of being rewired and trusting our discernment as we surrender to being.

Exchange 5: Jeannie supports participant to explore reconnecting and integrating a disowned silly, joyful aspect of herself.

Exchange 6: Jeannie supports participant to explore where she performs in relationship and is exploring separating from that to listen to her authentic inner expression while still staying open-hearted.