Discover the holy energy of yang

A balance is needed for harmony within and without

When the divine energies of yin and yang are balanced, harmony and beauty result. When these energies are imbalanced, disharmony and ugliness ensue. In our current imbalanced climate of devalued yin and “toxic” yang, it is easy to overlook the divine nature of both of these principles. In this self-guided course, join Jeannie and participants for an inquiry into the holy energy of yang, how yin and yang dance together, and how we can support the call back to balance that is needed for harmony in ourselves and the world. 

Jeannie invites participants to let their bodies land and soften and rest into silence. She talks about the rootedness in silence and being that provides support for true yang using the metaphor of a plant sprouting upward, and rooting downward, and in turn how yang protects the softness of yin. As well, yin softening allows silence to return us to zero where true yang is birthed. Yang has a willingness to sacrifice in order to protect the good (life, beauty, tenderness, openness). Yang takes a stand for something, to protect something, to support something, asserting itself despite fear, for the love of that something. Holy yang is a reflection of mature development, as it requires a deep knowing of the heart, of yin, and grows out of that surrender. Jeannie goes on to talk about false/compensated yang and true yang, and how true yang moves.


Exchange 1: Participant asks if yang also is the starting of something, and points to the sacrifice of something as a yang expression. He also adds commitment and a sense of the ongoing stand. Jeannie talks about all of this as yang and elaborates on commitment, including tapping into the passion that fuels commitment. She also talks about consciousness serving true yang, and the balance of yang and  yin.

Exchange 2: How to discern between yang and ego. Participant finds that she just has a no to old ways of being. Jeannie talks about how the discernment and the stand work together to develop yang. Jeannie talks about rolling with the imperfections in our developing sense of yang and showing ourselves mercy, as well as learning how to gracefully apologize. Jeannie talks about how the pure yang stand includes an awareness of the tender heart of the other.

Exchange 3: Participant is an activist who stepped out and felt hurt by another. He and Jeannie exchange about yang and the role of hurt and mercy (for self and other) that allow yang to sturdy and mature. Jeannie talks about the threshing floor of felt experience that can help us weed out the threads that aren’t pure assertion of the truth.  When we tend the hurt, we can move through the shame around not getting it perfect and be open to owning our fallibility and receiving feedback to mend the web. The web is damaged when in survival speed, we all rush to be right and hurt each other.

Exchange 4: Jeannie speaks about times in our lives when we are asked to bow so deeply to yin there is little yang in sight, and the humbling quality of that. Participant who is going through deconstruction with trauma and health challenges. She points to an angelic yang presence that has been a resource for her. Jeannie talks about the importance of going at her own pace with yin and yang.

Exchange 5: Participant wants to explore yin and yang with regard to chronic illness. She’s been exploring core beliefs as they relate to her illness, specifically in the area of “you create your reality.” She can’t tell what energies are willful and what are healthy yang. Jeannie talks about the depth of the unconscious beliefs that create our reality and their connection to undigested pain.

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