And it's like this.

I am

Jeannie guides the participants to soften open into the simple, vibrating moment. She talks about consciousness (I am) and manifestation (and it's like this), and the participants sitting as a oneness and multiplicity simultaneously. From here we can let attention move and notice all that is, allowing it to be as it is.


Exchange 1 - Participant has issues riding in the context of being separated from her husband. Jeannie guides her to notice the resource of simple resting.

Exchange 2 - Participant is having trouble forgiving her sister after a conflict. Jeannie talks about how true forgiveness comes only after deeply meeting the one who cannot yet forgive.

Exchange 3 - Participant is dismayed by continually acting out conditioned patterning with her ex-husband from a need to be recognized. Jeannie guides participant to give upon on getting recognition and rest in her own sense of being and talks about what it takes to unwind reactivity.

Exchange 4 - Jeannie encourages participant to not skip over the anxiety rising in the moment. Participant had an opening and wonders if this is "it."

Exchange 5 - Participant has lots of feelings of badness. Jeannie talks about the sense of badness or banishment (this should not be) as the core of separation and how it is created, and suggests some ways to meet it when it rises.