Jeannie guides participants to rest into the moment, into things as they are. She talks about integrity beyond moral uprightness, as a word pointing to wholeness and the undivided. She talks about loving what we love the most to the extent that we seek to live it in every aspect of our lives, bringing our expression to be congruent with our deepest essence.


Exchange 1: Participant wants to talk about how she is "madly in love with truth and God and is time-bound." She talks about a part of her that is wild about God but believes that she needs to be "at it" a long time.  Jeannie points to the fire of the moment and the way the mind gets hold of it and turns it into a timeline. She talks about the yin and yang of the middle way.

Exchange 2: Participant wants help meeting a young, alone aspect and to explore the okay-ness of being alone with the Holy. Jeannie talks about the aloneness of a life lived from truth and the value of sangha.

Exchange 3: Participant asks, "When is the end of words?" and talks about the simplicity of returning here. Jeannie meets him in silence, and they discuss knowledge and not knowing.

Exchange 4: Participant asks Jeannie to talk about the relationship between integrity and morality. Jeannie talks about rules (such as Moses' tablets) and about the "Living Word."

Exchange 5: Participant notices that a label can be useful and not useful depending on how she holds it. Jeannie and participant discuss labels and identity around the participant's dance with the label "disabled."