How can relating help us embody?

What is possible when we relate from the present moment?

Join Jeannie to look at intimate relating from the present moment.

How is relating from the truth of who we are different from relating from our conditioning? 

Jeannie invites participants to drop into the support of the present moment. She talks about opening to being intimate with our own experience of being as the ground level of intimate relating with others. She explores the impact of cultural conditioning on how we relate to ourselves and others.

Exchange 1: Participant wants to come on to be with Jeannie to talk about surrender and God. Jeannie invites her to let go of the “grand surrender” and come back to the simple moment. 

Exchange 2: Participant is exploring a new relationship and notices that the old way of relating is no longer viable, but feels unsure how to bring out authentic relating. She also questions if she is ready for a relationship. Jeannie supports her to name the type of relating she does want and to bring that clarity to communication with her potential partners. 

Exchange 3: Participant wants to explore trust in relationship. Jeannie talks about the importance of creating a safe container for the tender, young one to digest hurt and mistrust. 

Exchange 4:  Participant wants to move out of old patterns in her marriage but doubts whether her partner will move with her. Jeannie invites her to be gentle with the feeling of badness that arises in her rough places and to create space for digesting her experience. 

Exchange 5: Participant asks about the purpose of relationship and drops in with Jeannie to sit in wondering about love.