Listening is sacred

Tune your whole being to receptive openness

Jeannie invites participants to land and soften with kindness toward the body, sinking into deep receptivity, where a whole body listening can occur. As the body opens, it can receive energetic messages of light and support and be open to the environment, beyond materiality to the vibrating field. To listen in this way is to reclaim one's sensitivity and open to existence itself. She talks about the importance of soothing if this opening is overwhelming. Listening and resting in this way allows undigested experience to rise, be met, and digested. She talks about how listening from this openness restores an I-Thou relationship with what shows up in the moment, including other human beings who we might be called to receive. She covers listening to oneself to develop the capacity to move according to Holy Will rather than fear or greed in relation to life and to listening to others. She goes over a few tips that provide a good listening space for another. 


Exchange 1: Participant wants to explore setting boundaries with her son. Jeannie talks about how we aren't public utilities. Participant's son is visiting her and she's trying to sort out what works for her, sorting out obligation as a mother and getting realistic about what she can handle and provide. Jeannie supports her to sort out what really works for her and set boundaries around that.

Exchange 2: Participant talks about floating in the unknown and the openness to all perspectives he feels, and at the same time how helpless and small he feels to "do" anything. They discuss true surrender and the importance of allowing the creature its movement, and the disillusionment as we're robbed of the future and our ability to be someone and make something happen. And the challenge of not having anything to show for oneself when giving one's life to Spirit and the persistence of "hanging on." Jeannie talks about the deconstruction process and the importance to find spiritual context in the midst of it.

Exchange 3: Participant is going through deconstruction and much is rising to be met, including despair, hopelessness and an abundance of challenging feelings. Jeannie normalizes this and points participant toward resourcing as a way to build stability in the place where she feels at the mercy of what's rising.

Exchange 4: Participant's mother recently passed and in the space created there, much is coming up and she's not sure what to do. Jeannie walks her through being in the unknown, letting herself notice "so far, so good." Jeannie talks about how despair and fear are based on the mythology that "there's somewhere good to get to" and how we must exchange that for right here, right now. They exchange about the part of the participant that is grabbing for relating from a young place to soothe what's rising.