Soften and give yourself over...

Want to open to the moment?

Jeannie invites participants to notice the aspects of the present moment and to give everything to the moment, softening and resting in simplicity. She talks about how conditioning causes us to develop habits of numbing, dulling and distracting from the moment, and that these habits are largely unconscious. She talks about meditation as a way to open to the organic force of life below our strategies to manage the moment. 


Exchange 1: Participant explores with Jeannie her relationship in the subtle with her alcoholic brother.

Exchange 2: Participant explores with Jeannie the embodiment of openness and not knowing in the face of spiritual deconstruction. 

Exchange 3: Participant explores with Jeannie a recent painful break with a spiritual teacher and it as a trigger of his traumatic childhood.

Exchange 4: Participant explores with Jeannie her experience of being unable to play the violin, after a life and career of being a violinist.

Exchange 5: Participant explores with Jeannie wanting to open fully to the bliss of lovemaking. 

Exchange 6: Participant reads a couple poems that she feels relate directly to the topic of the meeting.

You have an unlimited amount of time to watch the video and download the audio, sponsored by Open Circle.