Initiation into receptivity

Mercy and soothing to the ones in the dark...

In this call from December 2017, Jeannie helps participants drop into abiding in the simple moment. From there, she talks about the dark night of the soul and what is helpful in making through this sacred passage.  St. John of the Cross, the author of Dark Night of the Soul, advised wayfarers to remain silent, and yet to remain silent when such fear and confusion are rising is challenging. Jeannie talks about how much rises with the sense that we are no longer in control. She talks about the dark night as a passive passage, an initiation into receptivity, to which the creature of the body responds with lots of fear and attempts to control. Sinking out of the mind's scramble into the simplicity of the moment and finding ways to soothe the body is central to reduce suffering in the dark night. Jeannie further talks about a variety of features of the dark night as well as survival tips for it.

Exchanges include:

Exchange 1 - Participant's mother is dying and she is facing anxiety. Jeannie walks her through mercy and soothing for herself and a lowering of her expectations around being the perfect death attendant.

Exchange 2 - Participant feels the light returning and realizes she loves the dark and fears it going as it is a comfort. She meets heartbreak of losing what she loves. Jeannie shares a dream and talks about the beauty of the dark.

Exchange 3 - Participant feels there are things that feel alive in her life now but also facing the darkest she's faced yet, Jeannie talks about the purifying quality of the dark night, preparing the wayfarer for full dependence on God. Participant feels she is cheating the process by having anything alive appealing to her. Jeannie talks about dedicating all that's alive to God - "For you."

Exchange 4 - Participant has been reviewing her life and feels sorrow that her life has been a struggle. she feels she didn't do what she came to do, and now it's near over. Jeannie invites her to bury the "one with the mission" -- grieve the dream, and then includes the "bad one" also -- and supports participant to rest in "I don't know what I am."

Exchange 5 - Jeannie exchanges with a mother and a daughter, the latter who is going through a dark passage.  Daughter is coming out of a period of solitude and finding moving into connection challenging. She finds people overstimulating yet she longs to be with others. Jeannie reflects what she sees as "yang" back to the participant -- that she doesn't know how to be around others without having a "job" in relation to them. Jeannie supports her to be with her mom with no jobs (and vice versa), just to notice each other's presence. She talks at length about the necessity to stay sovereign, not abandon the body, and develop a grounded way to inhabit one's presence.

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