Is everything going to hell in a hand-basket?

A light in the darkness....

Whether you’ve been on a spiritual path for years or something simply seems to have taken over your life and turned things upside down, this series of calls will provide support for those going through a dark transition. Jeannie speaks from her lived wisdom and five year journey through the dark night of the soul. The Christian mystic St. John of the Cross maintained that Love itself steals into the soul without our knowledge and does its work in silent darkness, for if we were allowed to see what was happening, we would never allow it. The dark night is a gift of Grace, taking over where our practices and/or passionate prayers have left off, but can be hell on wheels to get through.

Whether you feel you are in this most blessed of transitions or not, darkness is darkness and you will find solace, context and support in the company of others who are experiencing the deconstructive force of when things fall apart.

Video/audio recordings of five 2-hour gatherings with meditation, guided meditation, talks and exchanges with participants are included.


Class 1 - Jeannie guides participants to drop down into simply abiding in the present moment as it is. She talks about her experience of a 5 year dark night of the soul in which her sense of separate self was deconstructed, and talks about the features of that passage and what was helpful to her.

Class 2 - Jeannie guides participants to allow the body be soothed and dropped into the receptive moment. She talks about the creature of the body and the impact on it by spiritual deconstruction as well as how to care for it during the dark night.

Class 3 - Jeannie guides participants to people to sink into the spacious, safe space of the moment, having mercy for the places that still grip. She talks about the dark night through the lens of the cultural imbalance between yin and yang, outlining how the dark night includes a very deep facing off and integration of the disowned feminine.

Class 4 - Jeannie guides participants to drop in and soften into expansiveness, letting future and past fade to tend the moment. She talks about the features of the dark night, including panic, terror, rising trauma, desolation, alienation, etc.

Class 5 - Jeannie guides participants to sink into ground, softening and rooting into the unknown moment. She talks about how the dark night kicks out the crutches of our coping and pins us to the deep lived question of our human existence and its nature.  It can feel like a stripping as coping strategies fail, structures fall and we are washed up on the shore of the moment, naked, having lost the world we knew. Jeannie also covers some of the cultural strategies that DON'T work in the dark night and some of the things that do help to weather the passage.