The Holy is perfect - we are human.

What if you don't need to be perfect to be holy?

In this call sponsored by Open Circle, Jeannie guides participants to sink down into here, allowing what is to be as it is and to not use it to create a "me." She speaks about perfection - the true perfection of the Holy versus the self-negating process of attempting to get perfect enough to be beyond reproach. She talks about the roots of it in early conditioning and the importance of bringing mercy to our human frailty.


Exchange 1 - Participant is struggling with self-loathing and feelings of not-okayness and the dynamics around it. Jeannie talks about being with it, rather than attempting to heal it (make it go away) and opening into the pain beneath the self-loathing to meet it.

Exchange 2 - Participant wants to know what to do with the overwhelming pain within and without. Jeannie talks about trauma, resourcing, titrating and the importance of coming to the aid of the suffering creature of the body.

Exchange 3 - Participant is interested in non-doing and letting go and wants support to go deeper with this. Jeannie talks about spiritual opening as revelation, something that comes to us or that we receive, not something that we make happen.

Exchange 4 - Participant relates a dream and is trying to understand curiosity and the feelings of the dream. Jeannie supports her to sink below mental-meaning-making to feel into the elements of the dream so the transmission of the dream is integrated.

Exchange 5 - Participant is battling liver cancer and lives with daily fear. Jeannie supports him to notice what's present in the moment, encouraging him to open to his love of life and the accompanying grief.