What does integrated yang look like?

Form, structure, clarity as servants of life

Through meditation, guided meditation, a talk and exchanges with participants, Jeannie invites people down into their felt experience to abide in being. She talks about the energies of yin and yang and what balanced yang looks like as opposed to imbalanced yang, how yin serves the birth of true yang, and some tips to meet false yang and allow it to come to rest in order for true yang to be birthed.

Exchange 1: Participant feels that allowing false yang to die has also been taking away her will to live. Jeannie and participant explore death as yin and the pull of yin beneath false yang and how to navigate it.

Exchange 2: Participant has been surrendering quite a bit and finds that approaching yang brings up the way his abusive father was and thus he has distaste for yang energies. Jeannie talks about the importance of allowing that aspect of yang to have expression in a safe space so that it can integrate.

Exchange 3: Participant has been digesting and "decomposing" and has questions about how to start to experience the birth of yang energies. Jeannie talks about how yang moves from yin and some ideas for how to approach the place that she's in.

Exchange 4: Participant has been embracing yin a lot and now feels energy surges but finds they can leave him scattered. Jeannie talks about the importance of groundedness and gives him some ideas about how to be with the energy in a grounded way.

Exchange 5: Participant used false yang for his entire life and career and now is turning toward yin, but running into overwhelming experience. Jeannie talks about the usefulness of trauma education and resolution to digest this kind of experience.