No time like the present.

Where are we all rushing to?

Join Jeannie to explore time, hurry, slowing down and eternity.

Jeannie invites participants to land in the present moment. She explores the eternal now and the possibility of resting there, as well as the movement we make toward a destination. She talks about the fuel of fear and cultural conditioning which has us addicted to destinations and moving at a pace that is more from survival fear than deep love-based guidance. She points out that the "me" and the destination rise together, denying ourselves the deep feeding of our essential Being.


Participant 1: Participant explores their experience of trauma therapy, of feeling safe in meetings with Jeannie and their inability to slow down. Jeannie discusses how trauma impacts us and the importance of safety, company and resourcing.

Participant 2: Participant asks about Jeannie’s phrase “burning off.” Jeannie talks about the fuel that propels us to run from the moment rising to be met when we slow down, and talks about this process of meeting as requiring patience, mercy, and understanding.

Participant 3: Jeannie and participant exchange about the fuel that arises in just being present with another human being. The deepest question is simply, “Can I be here? Can I stay here? Can I keep coming back to the essential being that I am and take up residence there?”

Participant 4: Participant asks simply to be slow with Jeannie.

Participant 5: Participant explores the relationship of slowing down and grief. 

Participant 6: Participant explores with Jeannie the felt sense of slowing down and naming what she is experiencing. Jeannie and participant exchange about dark night and coming out of dark night experience. Energetic digestion and creating conscious space of beauty are discussed.