What is meant by being here but not of here?

Unplug from the opinions of others.

What supports are available for us to develop a clarity-filled, heartful grounded way of navigating life's challenges? How do we unplug from the opinions of those around us and root deeply in our own sovereign clarity? How do we give our lives to our highest sense of truth no matter what? Join Jeannie and friends for a series of online meetings that explore these questions about living from and being rooted in the ground of Being.

Class 1: Jeannie guides participants through breathing and rooting and envisioning the upright quality of the spine that ascends to the heavens, to explore their sovereign unique existence in the moment. She talks about the holiness of human beingness and the importance of exploring the felt experience of planted sovereign beingness as the basis of being “the Holy’s paintbrush.”

Class 2: Jeannie guides participants to sink and soften, using the exhale to further relax the vigilance and activity of the body. She talks about how vital grounded sovereignty is to the ability to stand for and in the truth.

Class 3: Jeannie guides participants to root and expand their sense of self into the space around them to create a sense of the body and the space around it as a living temple. She talks about how conditioning interferes with tending this temple and instead, hypervigilantly monitoring the world outside to feel safe and good, and how valuable it is to envision and authenticate through felt experience our sovereign rooted being so that we might know and act on what’s most true.

Class 4: Jeannie guides participants to plant in felt experience and notice their existence as independent of the existence of “others,” feeling the vertical pole of the spine and resting in the grounded weight of the body. Jeannie talks about pulling attention off of thought and others and rooting in one’s direct experience of one’s being. Jeannie talks about reviving the sense of joyful, integrous, grounded, simple, secret solitude with the Holy within one’s being. Jeannie talks about how internalized separation, or the sense that we are “bad” at some core depth, can pull us out of separation and how to dance with that.

Class 5: Jeannie guides participants to root into the ground as a tree while allowing the branches to spread into the sky, and to use the simple supports of the moment to feed, care for and sooth the body to build a solid sturdy ground of sovereign being from which to meet and respond to the needs of the creature and of the moment. 

You will have 60 days from the date of purchase to watch the video recordings and download the audio recordings from this course.