Ground in earth, open to sky, heart as altar and being here, but not of here.

Stand tall in your sovereign being...

Take Jeannie's sovereignty teachings more deeply into your life and relating! This 5-week lab will take up where the Sovereignty: Developing a Sturdy Heart Series left off, providing guided meditations, talks on sovereignty, exchanges with participants as well as weekly homework.

Class 1 - Jeannie guides participants to soften, sink and root into the ground. She talks about sovereignty as an embodied sense of being independent of worldly pulls and an ability to rest in presence without being defined by content of thought or forces outside oneself: raw, simple, pure, undistorted being. Jeannie talks about the importance of including the creature of the body in consciousness and to give it what it needs to settle down and rest in being. Jeannie also talks about the format for the course.

Class 2 - Jeannie guides participants to sink into their felt experience of ground and let the earth carry them, growing roots . She talks about how important ground is for the firm planting of sovereignty, and how the transmission of earth soothes the body. She guides participants to open to the benevolent resources of the moment that are available to soothe and support the creature of the body. She talks about sovereignty as the capacity to reference off of one's existence and connection to the ground and the divine, rather than being a function of others or ideas in the head. She talks about the importance of bringing consciousness to the body to bring the creature along in embodied awakened openness.

Class 3 - Jeannie guides participants to soften, root, feel the spine and open the head to the above. She talks about the divine as a resource to lean into when rooting in sovereignty.

Class 4 - Jeannie guides participants to sink into the ground and felt experience. She talks about the common obstacles to sovereignty.

Class 5 -  Jeannie guides participants to sink into being, exploring the ability to rest while dropped into the body and ground. She talks about comfort, familiarity and the capacity to rest as a holy temple, in felt experience, open and softened as the ground of sovereignty, and stresses the importance of building a capacity to know, protect and express from this holy vessel.

You will have 60 days from the date of purchase to view the video recordings and download the audio recordings from this course.