Ground in the present.

The fuel of the machine of conditioning is fear.

In this meeting hosted by Open Circle, Jeannie guides participants to open and soften and meet any agitation in the body with breath, ground and soothing. She talks about fear as the fuel behind the machinery of conditioning and how much a support "things as they are" is in resting outside of this. She talks about how ideas create suffering and are much scarier than the actual experience of the moment, in general. She also talks a bit about the role of trauma resolution in embodiment.

Exchanges include:

Exchange 1 - Participant wants guidance, has difficulty with rising emotions. Jeannie talks her down from approaching things from her mind into meeting the simple moment and what is presenting itself and assists her to meet the rising fear. She talks about how emotions are generated and how they are accompanied by delusion, and how to stay simple and meet just what is below the mind. Jeannie addresses the participant's idea about needing to "clean things out" until they're "done." Jeannie talks her down from me, future, past and the problem to rest in the moment.

Exchange 2 - Participant is going through a life change, has lots of anxiety coming up and is finding herself distracting herself and feeling guilty, and is finding it difficult to stop and meet what's rising. Jeannie talks about the survival drive of the frightened creature and the need to soothe and ground the body.

Exchange 3 - Participant is struggling - Jeannie directs her to notice ground and breath and to allow the creature of the body to be soothed, and points out that when the body is agitated, it can be challenging to check into reality. Jeannie stresses the importance of the creature orienting to the benevolent present moment as a baseline for being here. Jeannie points out that compassion for another grows out of compassion for self and to start at home versus going out to try and produce compassion.

Exchange 4 - Participant is seeing herself as a woman trying to heal which cuts through the drama and the fear that she struggles with. Jeannie points to the ground of being, breath, ground and presence and the humility of not knowing, and speaks to the terrified creature's pull to futurize.

Exchange 5 - Participant is a paraplegic from an accident and after saying "God is everything" for years, she's feeling overwhelmed by what's risen, and is trying to figure out how to meet it all. Jeannie walks her through grounding and resourcing.

Exchange 6 - Participant feels space around veils she previously operated out of. Jeannie holds space as she feels through relief and grief and notices richness and relatedness.

You have an unlimited amount of time to watch the video and download the audio, sponsored by Open Circle.