Let The Holy guide you...

What is my true offering?

Jeannie invites participants to sink and rest into Being in the moment. She talks about the concept of “true work” – discovering and manifesting one’s true offering. She talks about how finding one’s calling is an area of embodiment that tethers us to earth but requires opening to spirit for guidance. Thus it takes us into the core of being human, opening to the inspiration of spirit while tending to grounded issues of “making a living.” Bringing this area of life to fruition is a conversation between the security needs of the creature of the body, and the necessity of the heart to express itself authentically. Jeannie talks about the values of creature and the values of the spirit as they relate to finding true work. She talks about entrenched beliefs about work within our hereditary conditioning and the importance of remaining open to possibility in the alive moment.


Exchange 1: Participant feels validated by the talk and points out that it seems it’s easier to move toward aliveness when one doesn’t have a family depending on one, especially when it seems the dead career is supporting the family. Jeannie facilitates an inquiry into the voices of conditioning and talks about the importance of staying at sea, facing the unknown and meeting and digesting what rises there, and the nature of the organic flowering of the human soul.

Exchange 2: Participant has made some shifts toward the work of his heart, but struggles with trusting. Jeannie talks about the nature of trust and mistrust, the voices of the mind’s harpies, and points to stepping out of the mind into the direct digestion of fear in the moment. She talks about following Holy Will and letting go of our particular limitations we impose on reality.

Exchange 3: Participant has felt a call to live love but experiences harpie voices that call her attention away from her calling to write. Jeannie talks about the integrity of those voices and invites a reframe of those voices as “obstacles” to beloved dears in our wagon that need reverence, mercy and attention. She also talks about us as “foot soldiers” and the Holy as the manager and keeping attention on the process/offering and off of the product/result.

Exchange 4: Participant has been struggling with the question of true work and feels that trauma affects her ability to discern in this area. She appreciated the naming of the creature and the validation that resulted from hearing the acknowledgement of this level of things as well as the mercy and reverence for it. Jeannie talks about the creature, suffering, and the importance of including the creature in our awareness. Jeannie talks about the unintegrated feminine (felt knowing) and the integration with the masculine (adding words to things) and the power of naming in bringing things to consciousness.

Exchange 5: Jeannie and participant inquire into the idea of soul purpose, the spiritual belief that one should be happy anywhere doing anything, and how that is relevant to finding true work. Jeannie collapses the dichotomy of awake and not awake, and describes the importance of both “waking up” and entering the moment as clearly as we can whether we have deemed ourselves “awake” or not. She talks about the organic unfolding of the Holy through us in the moment, pointing to the confused overlay of the need to “hunt for all the good stuff in order to get to nirvana.” So it’s more about “this is, as it is now” versus, “let’s get there, the way it’s supposed to be.”

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