let your intuition guide you...

Listen below the everyday mind and

Join Jeannie for a three call series about listening below the rational mind to your gut instinct and exploring what seems to interfere with trusting that information to guide your actions. In the first call Jeannie talks about receiving information. In the second call she talks about trusting the information. Finally, she explores acting on and defending knowing that has come from non-rational intuition.

Class 1

Jeannie guides participants to soften open, expand and rest as presence. Jeannie talks about a way of knowing she calls “gnosis” – an embodied knowing as opposed to knowing only in the head. This way of knowing relies on the digestion and integration of felt experience so that wisdom grows. She describes the first aspect of trusting one’s gut as returning to a felt way of being here to receive all of the information that’s here, as well as to make room for the digestion of experience. She talks about the necessity of “cleaning out” the instrument of the body so that what is received is not distorted by undigested emotional material. She talks about the importance of returning to the felt sense of being as one of the first steps toward reclaiming one’s instrument for this integrated knowing.

Class 2

Jeannie guides participants to settle into the quiet moment and to soften and ground in being. After talking about receiving in the first class, she know moves on to trusting knowing. She talks about how attachment to security can prevent us from opening to the unknown where we can receive information. Resting in being is a powerful strengthening of one's relationship to true nature and a place of receptivity where deeper knowing can rise. She talks about how true knowing and true action are seamless, and happen effortlessly in areas where we aren't conditioned. She encourages participants to notice where this kind of flow already happens in their daily lives. She points out that the fear of the unknown, and anything that makes us pause, can cause us to panic and force knowing, but those gaps, pauses and challenges are part of the movement of life. She talks about how to approach the unknown in a way to digest what would prevent us from resting there.  She talks about the kinds of knowing that are more ephemeral and less "mind objects." She talks about a way to feel into decisions that need to be made.

Class 3

Jeannie guides participants to soften and sink into the moment, and to imagine floating down a great river, letting the current carry them, to give participants a sense of the felt experience of being carried. She talks about how humans are that the mercy of the flow and that being in touch with that aliveness and connectedness, the organic cycle, is to begin to trust in stillness and not knowing. She talks about gestating in not knowing as the a way to build trust outside of the everyday mind and will. As expressions of this holy flow, of our "guts," we are the river and expressions of God. She talks about the role of undigested emotion in obscuring our direction and encourages participants to take some time to be with those things where possible, and then make the best decision possible. That this process is simply the process of being human and learning about one's instrument--this is part of what we're here for, not an aberration or mistake. And each time we do our best to follow our best sense, we learn a bit more about what to trust in ourselves. She also touches on staying with one's knowing in relating with others.

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