Holy, holy days.

A sacred time to focus on what really matters.

Jeannie offers this collection of winter holiday recordings to you as a gift.  

Recordings include:

Navigating the Holy-Days (Video & Audio, 2018): This call took place in 2018 before the winter holidays. Jeannie guides participants to drop into noticing and being with the moment as it is. She talks about the importance of mercy toward the creature of the body as the demands of the season call it into overdrive. Acknowledging the fire for the truth in those who gather for this call, she describes the way conditioning kicks into high gear during the holiday season and the importance to find the still point within during this time. She talks about how the stillness and the dark are the backdrop to all other traditions, holding them all.

Putting the Holy Back in Your Holy-days (Audio only, 2015): An online call from 2015 (audio only) providing support around the holidays. Jeannie invites participants to drop attention into the feel and sound of the moment, down out of interest in thought, into the simplicity of what's right here. She talks about the holiday period as a powerful time and invites participants to float free of history around holidays in a sense of light within the darkness. Jeannie invites participants to regularly look and rest inward during the busy holiday season, asking "What is holy to me?" and "How can that be honored?" She covers some tools participants can use as a "holiday survival kit."

Giving from the Heart (Video, Audio, 2018): In this meeting hosted by Open Circle in December, 2018, Jeannie guides participants to soften open and melt into the moment. She talks about being as our true riches that make our eyes shine and our hearts spill over.  She talks about lack and plenty, and the importance of meeting the aching baby inside of lack. She talks about the spiritual concept of selflessness and how conditioned generosity moves and what true generosity is. She covers the ins and outs of true giving and conditioned giving and working with the hungry babies within.

You have an unlimited amount of time to watch the video and download the audio.