The restoration of the embodied wisdom of yin in our hearts, minds, psyches, relating and culture holds evolutionary promise for all beings.

Join the Yin Revolution!

In this course, Jeannie will explore the magic of the disowned feminine aspect of being and its
key role in women’s confidence, self love, fulfillment and power.

Class 1: Yin, women and culture - how disowned yin shows up in us,
our lives and our internalized cultural inheritance

Class 2: Holy (and not so holy) yang - all about yang in its balanced
and imbalanced forms

Class 3: Yin and the psyche - a deeper dive into how to recognize
and reclaim yin within us

Class 4: Sovereignty - how yin helps us ground in being and
provides firm foundation for our voice and stand

Class 5: Yin and healing - how do we use the wisdom of yin to heal?

Class 6: Yang as protector - true yang - clarity and boundaries

Class 7: Yin in relating - how to protect and foster yin in relating

Class 8: True power is love - what is true power? What does it look

You will have 60 days from the date of purchase to watch the video recordings and download the audio recordings from this course.